Kissed by an Animal - "I Don't Have to Explain Myself to You" LP (Blue Vinyl)


I Don’t Have to Explain Myself To You, Kissed by an Animal’s second, most steadfast and best album, is a love song from our present spirit to our past identity, telling us the wisdom: “’Rise up for yourself”. Moving through tight, clean, hard-punk, masterly into acid surfer, vibrating-melodic power-metal, Kissed by an Animal is through and through a New York band with grit, love, and party turned to Maximum Krank.

Dima Drjuchin’s voice has never been cleaner, clearer and more true. A channeler of the highest order who is now channeling himself. Touching on the existential nature of living and growing older while existing in the body of your 20 year old self running through the streets of New York, invincible but not reckless. Past feeling like you don’t fit in, past finding your purpose, and entering the solid foundation of just being the most you you have ever been. And that you is ripping shreds and slapping grooves so that the world can witness and ascend together. As Dima says “Finding comfort in oneself without the need to explain yourself all the time”.

Some of the songs are perfect for cruising sunsets. Some of these songs are perfect for being purposely lost at sea. And some of these songs are the soundtrack for the life you will have if you follow your heart to the path of ascension.

The fresh excitement you feel listening to this album fills you with an optimistic hope that is not the naive hope of your youth but a new hope, a hope our disenchanted bodies long ago decided to dare not believe in.

Tsugumi Takashi’s bass riffs are a gift of hot clean thickness, familiar in the way we are familiar with truth when we witness it. They move and sing and we are exhilarated. Together with drummer Jon F Daily, who exalts us by holding down the most solid, steady, deep and clean rips, and elevated with saccharin harmonies, melodies and overtones by Hiro Williams, this powerful tetrad have gone past coming into their own and found something more. They are telling us:

What you’re doing is right
you are on THE path.
GO! and we will carry you.
MOVE and your steps will be propelled by the universe.
DANCE and you will know the trueness of joy.
We are the ones on this grooving plane, moving in the righteous direction, with armies of love on our side.

This is reveling in dancing alone with the Ascended Masters because you are an Ascended Master moving in any direction with the full force of the universe bellowing “YES”! to your every step. There are no weapons there is just truth. There is no war, there is just the joy of being. You lift up all who see you. You heal all who hear you.

These songs have a consistent message and they are showing us the best path, which is through the fire , starring not at your enemies but at yourself in the eyes, and transforming your shadow with love. There are no attacks here, just acceptance and healing.
They sing a spell that allows you to remember:
”All time is mine. There is no yours, there is no mine. There is no space, there is no time “